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Ears, Nose, and Throat Surgery

One of the most critical areas on the human body is the Ear, Nose and Throat area, commonly called ENT. Many times, obstructions or complications in this area can affect basic health system functions such as breathing, eating and sleeping.

Various surgeries for the ear, nose, and throat are available to improve health and functionality. Airway reconstruction is an option for patients with breathing difficulties such as constriction and noisy breathing, while vocal cord surgery addresses similar problems with sound and articulation. 

In many cases, surgeons operate on delicate structures such as minute blood vessels, which requires a level of precision and expertise that our medical staff are skilled at providing. Common procedures in the ENT area can include:


  • Tympanostomy (ear tubes)



  • Tonsillectomy
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Tracheotomy
  • Laryngoscopy

Head and Neck

  • Mastoidectomy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Esophagoscopy

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