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Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement

Focused on elevating patient care, the Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement program was developed to encourage faster recovery and less pain for patients, as well as expedite treatment and restoration of function following joint replacement surgery. The Rapid Recovery program is an initiative of the powerful and innovative system-wide Orthopedic Physician Collaborative of independent physicians to share best practices and enhance patient care and has the following goals:

  • To identify best practices and drive change at the local level
  • To implement evidence-based clinical pathways to result in improved patient outcomes
  • To evaluate strategies for cost and containment
  • To utilize advanced surgical approaches, innovative technology and procedure, state-of-the-art equipment and minimally invasive techniques
  • To implement care navigation consistently, guiding patients across the care continuum from pre-admission through post-discharge care

Coordinated Care. Rapid Recovery. Less Pain.

UnityPoint Health - Trinity is partnering with a unique network of orthopedic surgeons across Iowa and Illinois to manage orthopedic care, so everyone you see will work as a team. Your family doctor. Surgeons. Nurses. Pain management specialists. Physical therapists. And your home care team.

It's a more personal approach to care that helps you get back on your feet again. And, it's also part of the reason why you can expect to spend less time in the hospital for a total joint replacement - possibly 1 or 2 days less than the national average!

Top Reasons to Choose a Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Program

Up to 80 percent of joint replacement surgeries may be appropriate for the UnityPoint Health Rapid Recovery program. By choosing a "rapid recovery" orthopedic surgeon to entrust with your joint replacement surgery, you can expect to:

  • Get better faster
  • Have less pain
  • Be up and walking just hours after surgery
  • Go home sooner
  • Have someone you choose ready to help you. This person is your "coach" and is with you before and after surgery

Why is a coach needed?

Having a personal coach is the fastest way to success in the Rapid Recovery program. Having a coach means reaching goals faster, with less stress, with motivation and support, and with increased safety.

What does a coach do?

  • Attend the pre-surgery class with you.
  • Attend appointments with you before surgery.
  • Help prepare your home for after surgery (Remember, you will only spend 1 or 2 nights in the hospital).
  • Attend therapy sessions during the hospital stay. The coach will see how you do exercises and transfers. This will help you feel more prepared to go home.
  • Be present for discharge instructions and medication review.
  • Stay with you for at least 3 days after you leave the hospital.
  • Help bring you to therapy and appointments or help arrange transportation. (The coach will not be expected to lift or carry the patient, but will only help direct, instruct or remind the patient what needs to be done.)