Meet our June DAISY Award Winners

Meet our June DAISY Award Winners

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Meet our June DAISY Award Winners

The DAISY Award is an international program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. UnityPoint Health - Trinity is proud to be a DAISY Award Partner, recognizing our nurses with this special honor every month. Congratulations to our June DAISY Award winners!

Ally H., LPN

Sixth floor, Rock Island campus 

Ally's nomination story: Ally took care of my mother as a CNA during a previous hospitalization a couple of years ago. We were anxious and fearful about the outcome of the situation, as my mother was in the end stage of her disease. Ally provided compassionate care for our mother, spoke tenderly and respectfully, even found an extra soft flannel pillowcase for her.  We were immediately put at ease while mom was in her care, feeling a relief from the fear that often comes when in the hospital with a loved one.

Just recently, my father ended up being admitted to Trinity, and after a few days was transferred to a different unit. We were introduced to his new nurse Ally, and we recognized her immediately as the CNA that had taken care of our mother! We felt an instant sense of relief knowing that our dad would be under the care of Ally. She assured us she would do whatever needed to be done tin ensure that our father would have good care. She invited us to call anytime if we wanted to check on him or had concerns, and in turn promised to call us if he developed any problems.

My family and I are very pleased that Ally continued her education to become a nurse. We know she will continue to provide excellent care to her patients like she did for both our parents. Ally is an extraordinary health care provider and we think she is a DAISY Award winner!

Thank you, Ally.

Kelly E., RN 

Emergency Department (ED), Moline campus

Kelly's nomination story: My whole world came crashing down when my baby fell down our wooden staircase. I could not even begin to explain the emotions that came into play. When we got to the emergency department room, we met the doctor first. The doctor explained everything that they were going to do and I just couldn’t settle down. Kelly walked in and it was like a breath of fresh air. Her smile warmed me, while her voice calmed me. She made my baby smile and giggle, which he wasn’t doing at all before. This calmed my baby instantly. Throughout our ED visit, Kelly made sure we knew everything that was going on. Once we got the news that he was being admitted, Kelly made sure that our transition was smooth and easy. I have never met Kelly before, but she felt like family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my little one.

Kelsey M., RN

Oncology, Rock Island campus 

Kelsey's nomination story: The neurologist was having trouble figuring out what was going on with the patient. The patient had gone through several tests, including an MRI, which all came back negative. Kelsey had been taking care of the patient and during her assessments could tell something was not right. The patient had intermittent symptoms. When the neurologist rounded, the patient appeared to be normal without any symptoms. After the doctor left the room, Kelsey continued her assessment and found the patient’s symptoms were present. She had the doctor come back into the room to re-evaluate the patient. After the evaluation, the doctor was able to order the specific diagnostic that would help diagnose the patient’s condition. This also helped to prevent what could have become a more serious outcome. Thanks to Kelsey, the patient received the proper level of care and treatment.

Alexis B., RN

ICU, Bettendorf 

Alexis's nomination story: Lexi has taken on a lot of responsibility in the last year becoming charge nurse on day shift and precepting at the same time. Days in the ICU are not easy emotionally and physically.  Lexi not only takes on every challenge that comes her way, but always strives to fight for what is right for the patient. She takes on so many tasks and does it with such grace. Lexi’s patients always love her because of how kind and honest she is with them. Her patients feel comfortable asking questions and joking with her, which eases responsibilities in the ICU. The ICU is very stressful and Lexi works hard to take care of not only her patients, but the ICU and staff as well. Lexi deserves recognition for the great work she always does!