Howard Hilton's colon cancer was discovered after a colonoscopy.

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How a Colonoscopy Saved Howard's life

It all started with a bad stomach ache. Then a colonoscopy at UnityPoint Health – Trinity helped save Howard Hilton’s life. 

“That was a really tough day, really rough,” Howard said. “But if I hadn’t had that colonoscopy, we never would have known I had cancer.”

The colonoscopy showed irregularities that led doctors to Howard’s colon cancer diagnosis. Now, after a coordinated care treatment plan, and a lot of support, Howard says he’s cancer-free. 

“I can’t thank my doctors enough,” Howard said about Dr. Prasad Nadkarni, his surgeon and the rest of the UnityPoint Clinic – Surgery team. “I honestly cried when I first got the news. It was really hard. But I would not be here today if it weren’t for Trinity and that colonoscopy.” 

Howard says he stayed positive and realized he wanted to live a long and happy life for his family. He used to think colonoscopies were a hassle and embarrassing. Now, he hopes everyone will learn from his experience. The best way to prevent colorectal cancer is by regular screenings beginning at age 50.

“I wish I had scheduled one years ago. Everyone needs to get checked out. ”

Talk with your primary care physician today about the importance of scheduling your colonoscopy. Or please call UnityPoint Clinic – Surgery to schedule a consultation at (563) 262-4112