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Tinisha Craig

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"When I started in the Trinity Weight Loss Program on January 16, 2013, I weighed 475.5 pounds. To date, I have lost a total of 132.5 pounds, bringing my current weight to 343 pounds. I have 93 more pounds to go before I reach my target weight, but I feel absolutely amazing and free. Since my surgery, things have been great. The program teaches you to prepare for your surgery and for being successful in life. The only way to fail this program is to not follow the information given and taught to you. This whole journey has changed my life completely. I have energy now, my stress level has gone down, I am able to sleep, my diabetes is gone, my high blood pressure is gone, and my arthritis is gone. The list of improvements goes on and on. I was asked if I would recommend this surgery and my response is 'Yes!' I would even take it a step further and share my pictures, notes, and meal plans with any future patient to help them on their journey."