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Ciarra A Lang, ARNP, DNP, PNP

  • Pediatrics

UnityPoint Provider

  • Gender: Female
  • Languages Spoken:
    • English

About Ciarra A Lang, ARNP, DNP, PNP

Med School College
  • University of Iowa
Focus Areas
  • Pediatrics


Why did you become a physician/provider?
I became a pediatric nurse practitioner because I have a heart for children of all ages. Through working as a nurse in a pediatric intensive care unit, I have found that children are brave and resilient and there is always something to learn from them. However, children do not always have a voice, and through the nurse practitioner role, I can help advocate for them. Further, I thoroughly enjoy the relationships I can form with children and their families, in which I am able to provide support, reassurance, and education as they grow and develop throughout childhood and adolescence.

What qualities best describe the care you provide to your patients?
As a parent myself, I strive to provide the type of care I would want my child to receive. This involves thorough, compassionate, and patient- and family-centered care. I will actively listen and address all concerns and make sure that the patient and parents leave feeling comfortable and supported.

What motivates you each day?
I am motivated each day knowing that I am playing a vital role in helping children and adolescents learn healthy behaviors that will carry into adulthood, resulting in optimal health outcomes. Further, I enjoy being part of all of the milestones that children and their parents go through and offering support and guidance along the way.

What is the most important message you would like to share with your patients? 
As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I promise to provide a personal and tailored approach to all of my patients, as each baby, child, and adolescent has their own unique story to tell. I am here to listen, to offer guidance, to provide encouragement, and to develop an individualized care plan that everyone agrees on. I see us as a part of the same team with the same goal, to ensure that each child is reaching their full potential and living a healthy life.

Are there any fun facts that you'd like to share?
Although I am a nurse practitioner, I am also a mom. I understand how wonderful children are, but also, how stressful and worrisome parenthood can be. I am here for you to help make the ride as smooth, as fun, and as stress-free as possible.
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