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Cheyenne Hess, PA

  • Orthopedic Surgery

UnityPoint Provider

  • Gender: Female
  • Languages Spoken:
    • English

About Cheyenne Hess, PA

Medical Education
  • Des Moines University: Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies
  • Undergraduate
    • Loras College: Bachelor of Science in Biological Research
Focus Areas
  • Orthopedic Surgery


Why did you become a provider?
I became a physician assistant to positively impact patients' healthcare experiences, as well as improve outcomes following an injury or illness. I find it extremely rewarding to be part of a patient's journey to recovery and return to function.

As a provider, what is your medical philosophy?
What matters most to my patient is what matters most to me. I believe in discussing all options and utilizing shared decision making for a patient-guided treatment approach.

What type of care/clinic interests are you most passionate about?
I enjoy reading new studies and articles to find the latest treatment options for orthopedic and sports medicine conditions in order to improve patient outcomes. My goal is for a fast, yet complete and stable, return to full function.

Why did you choose your specialty?
Musculoskeletal injuries have the ability to send life into disarray by limiting patients' daily activities, as well as interrupting their time doing the sports they love. I find it rewarding to play a role in treating these conditions in order to help restore patients to their former active lifestyles and return to playing sports.

What qualities best describe the care you provide your patients?
The care I provide is individualized and compassionate, focusing not only on the physical health but also the mental implications of such conditions. No two patients are the same, therefore, each patient deserves their own individualized treatment plan based on their objectives and activity levels. I believe in a patient-directed care plan to help my patients meet their goals and return to their active lifestyles.

Being a healthcare provider, what drives/motivates you each day?
I believe there's no such thing as a lost cause. Learning new approaches to treatments and reading up on innovative studies keeps me motivated as a provider to supply my patients with up-to-date care and a variety of treatment options.

What is the most important thing patients should know about you and your practice?
I'll be your biggest advocate and supporter, as I believe patients should always feel heard and respected. My guiding question to patients is, "what matters most to you?" The answer to this question is one I take very seriously and incorporate into the treatment plan and objectives for each patient. The orthopedic clinic utilizes a wide variety of treatment methods and manages a multitude of orthopedic conditions."

Areas of clinical interest
Joint instability, PRP therapy, acute sprains and fractures, ACL reconstruction

Personal interests
Cross-stitching, reading, learning new things, writing, traveling and listening to music