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Cooking with Heart for Cancer (4-week class)

* Please note there will be no class on May 22 and the final class will be held June 4.This series of cooking classes is an interactive, hands-on expe

* Please note there will be no class on May 22 and the final class will be held June 4.

This series of cooking classes is an interactive, hands-on experience relaying the components of a flavorful cancer prevention eating pattern. The class is offered for four weeks at no charge and is targeted to those who have been touched by cancer: survivors, care givers and loved ones. The dishes prepared emphasize how nutrition can help reduce the risk of cancer or cancer recurrence, through inclusion of foods and in their most powerful form (raw, cooked, and in combination with other foods).

Participants will learn 8+ delicious dishes and the steps to prepare them, including how to store and select the ingredients for the best quality. By the end of the series, participants will have several new dishes and foods to work into their regular eating pattern for an optimal cancer prevention eating style. Each class is an hour long with two dishes demonstrated (and one delicious dish taking less than 15 minutes to prepare). The classes are meant to take into consideration limited financial means, limited time to prepare foods and little to no experience in the kitchen cooking.

While this class is currently offered virtually, at the end of the course the instructor will be available to help any participants as they try cooking these dishes at home, much like having your own private chef with you.

The course will cover four topics:

  • Cancer Myth-busting and Truths (sugar, alkaline, green tea, turmeric)
  • Treasures in Eating the Rainbow (Or Eating the Rainbows Hidden Treasures)
  • Eating Made Uncomplicated: Fun and Easy Meal Planning
  • Boost the Power of Food on Your Plate


Each Class Includes:

- Nutrition information - brief introduction of nutrition information integrated into the cooking demonstrations

- Two dishes demonstrated with lots of engaging conversation 

- One dish is an easy dish that can be done in 15 minutes or less or a one pot type meal that can be done in the instant pot or slow cooker to make it easy to put together

- Second dish will be a delicious dish that highlights the topic of the day 

- Recipes for the dishes

- Handouts to compliment the nutritional messages

- BINDER with handouts and recipes


We look forward to helping you learn tasty, healthy cooking techniques and recipes!

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