Sounding the Alarm for Healthcare Workers

Despite the availability of vaccines and booster doses, the year ahead isn’t shaping up how we imagined. We’ve spent the past two years fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of the pleas we’ve shared are beginning to sound like a broken record.

But our reality is stark—our teams face staffing shortages, long hours, a new variant and overwhelming patient volumes, as well as a continual wave of avoidable suffering. It’s disheartening. We’re hoping a series of first-hand accounts from our nurses, doctors, clinicians and care teams will help reignite the urgency to care for healthcare workers once again.

When asked about their day-to-day difficulties, and what people can do to be part of the solution, here’s what our team had to say:

“We're exhausted. We're frustrated. We're still at war with COVID,” Dr. Dave Williams, Chief Clinical Officer.

“Our teams are tired and we're doing our best and it's not good enough,” Dr. Patricia Newland, MD.

“COVID-19 is not political, it’s an illness,” Dr. Russell Adams, MD.

“I was on call with the ICU, and I lost 11 lives in three days. That’s never happened in my whole life,” Dr. Ravi Kashyap, MD.

“Leaving a kid without a parent or a spouse—without a partner, that’s getting old,” Dr. Carlos Jaramillo, MD.

“It’s tough, every day,” Anne Bowman, Oncology Director in Peoria, IL.

“To see people every single day literally begging for your help and there’s nothing you can do,” Madison Corwin, RN.

“We’re tired. We’re stressed. Please get vaccinated,” Dr. Jeff Van Bendegom, MD.

“Enough is enough. Get vaccinated. Help others get vaccinated. It's time to end this,” Dr. Patricia Newland, MD.

Rally around our staff by encouraging friends and family to listen directly to clinicians and care teams on the front lines, as well as get vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.