Infusion Treatment Helping Some COVID-19 Patients Recover More Quickly

When Jay Collier started experiencing a low-grade fever, fatigue and an increasingly productive cough, he knew he might have COVID-19. After a test confirmed his suspicion, his primary care physician let him know about a new treatment option at UnityPoint Health – Methodist Outpatient Infusion Center. 

Like Jay, other patients in Central Illinois are finding relief from their COVID-19 symptoms thanks to monoclonal antibody infusions at the center. UnityPoint Health was provided a limited supply of the treatment by the Federal Government. Infusions are offered to high-risk patients who meet qualifications under the Emergency Use Authorization, as determined by a UnityPoint Health provider. 

Once a patient begins experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they should contact their provider for evaluation and testing. Research currently shows monoclonal antibody treatment to be most effective within three days of a COVID-19 diagnosis, so it’s important to be in touch with your care team promptly.

This one-time infusion takes about two hours: one hour for infusion and one hour for observation. The nursing team in the Methodist Outpatient Infusion Center care for each patient in a private, individual infusion area. 

Collier is the Regional Vice President of Clinic Operations for UnityPoint Health, and thanks to this treatment, he’s one of the thousands of Central Illinoisans who have recovered from COVID-19. 

“The day after my diagnosis, I was feeling worse, so I called my primary care physician,” said Collier. “I received my infusion that afternoon.” 

Before receiving his infusion, Collier said his symptoms were worsening by the hour and that he was feeling very weak when he arrived at his appointment. From there, it was just a matter of days before he was back to feeling like himself.

“Two days after my infusion, I started feeling better and my symptoms were improving. I continued to feel stronger and my cough improved significantly. Each day from then on showed significant improvement.” 

Collier believes receiving the monoclonal antibody infusion when he did prevented him from a much worse COVID experience. He recommends the treatment to any patients who qualify.

“The staff at UnityPoint Health always ensured that I was comfortable and that my privacy was being protected. They also explained each step to me, so I was aware in advance of what was to happen. They made the experience a simple one that paid great dividends. I am very grateful that I was able to get the infusion and have it done in such a great place by a great team.” 

To date, UnityPoint Health has administered more than 100 monoclonal antibody infusions. To learn more about the Infusion Center and the services it provides, click here.