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Return to Work

We are proud to provide the community with its Return to Work Program. The Return to Work Program is a group of licensed physical and occupational therapists, a physical therapy assistant, and a certified occupational therapy assistant that specialize in dealing with work issues of all kinds. From worker's compensation injuries, issues on the job, to getting back to work after injury or illness, the Return to Work Program is here to assist you with the strength, conditioning, and education necessary to get you back to your job.

Our Services

What can the Return to Work program do for you?

  • Provide physical and/or occupational therapy for work injuries from acute to chronic
  • Physical and/ or Occupational therapy to address work issues due to personal injury or illness
  • Computer workstation evaluations with recommendations
  • Work Conditioning /Hardening Programs
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Development of work restrictions and adaptations reasonable in a work environment
  • Community educational programs on work related issues
  • Disabled hunter evaluations (crossbow permits)

From head to toe, the Return to Work staff can get you back to a productive, functional life.

Our Staff

The Return to Work program is staffed by a multidisciplinary group with extensive hands-on patient treatment experience. All of our therapists have an additional specialty skill in addition to industrial medicine including sports medicine, orthopedics, geriatrics, manual therapy, hand therapy, and chronic pain programming. The experience level and integration of other specialty area practices give this team a unique perspective to tailor programming to the specific needs of the clients we serve.

What is a work conditioning or work hardening program?

These are 4-8 week functional restoration programs specifically designed for clients to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility while incorporating job- specific task training. Work conditioning is a 1-3 hour program 2-3 days per week. Work hardening is a 2-4 hour program 3-5 days per week. All are designed to meet specific job needs of the client.

Referrals/ Coverage

The Return to Work program accepts referrals from physicians, chiropractors, lawyers, nurse case managers, insurance companies, and other health care providers including occupational and physical therapists. We accept worker's compensation insurance. Most of our services are also covered by private insurances, liability insurance due to accidents, Medicare, and other forms of coverage. We will work with you to determine need for referral and coverage of services.

Your First Visit

On the first visit, the therapist will evaluate your injury and review your needs as related to returning to your job. You and the therapist will develop a plan of care to get you back to productive work! Be prepared to move- where comfortable clothing and gym shoes (closed toed shoes a must).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a functional capacity evaluation (FCE)?

A thorough 2-4 hour test that includes total body evaluation of strength, motion, and function. It is used to establish objective information on functional ability, work tolerance, and specific work abilities as needed by job. An FCE can be done in a two day format upon request.

What are work restrictions?

Job- specific guidelines developed to reflect safe work activities and tolerances of an individual. These are usually temporary and change as client's progress.