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Interview Follow-Up

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Great! You've had the interview, but now what? Our recruitment process takes a couple of weeks to interview candidates and then another week or two to make a decision and finalize the details. 

Below are items to consider when following up on the interview: 

Give the decision makers time – we want to give appropriate consideration to all candidates. Recruitment is an active process and we will be in touch as soon as a decision is made. 

Check status – it is not necessary for you to follow up multiple times on the status of the position. We have an online applicant tracking system where you can easily follow your status on any position you applied for. 

Send a Thank You – your Thank You note may be a differentiator between you and another candidate so set yourself apart! Reach out to those you spoke with and remind them why you are the right person for the position. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do I need to send a Thank You? 
A: A thoughtful email or handwritten message after the interview demonstrates your sincere interest in the position and appreciation for the time we spent with you. This is also an opportunity to remind us why you are a good fit for the position. 

Q: Should I call to check my status after the interview? 
A: We appreciate your continued interest and enthusiasm for the position; it is not necessary to call us to check your status. If you are interested in the status of your application, you can stay informed through our online applicant tracking system. We reach out through email or phone to every applicant once a decision made. 


Treat every person you interact with as an evaluator – you're bound to interact with a number of individuals through our interview process, from the person on the phone scheduling your interview, to the HR Recruiter, to the hiring manager, to the receptionist in the office, to the cashier in the coffee shop.

Treat each of these individuals with professionalism and grace – don't be short with the receptionist or rude to the interview scheduler. You never know if feedback about your interactions will get back to the decision makers and eliminate you from consideration. 

Be confident – you've made it past the paper evaluation and have an opportunity to interview. Only a small percentage of applicants get the opportunity to interview. Let that idea resonate and build your confidence. We are taking time to get to know you better; you've garnered our interest on paper now confirm that decision in your interviews. 

Remember, we've decided we want to learn more about you. This is your opportunity to show us what you have to offer!

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