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A Successful Interview

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The interview process is your opportunity to showcase experience and fit with the position. Your interview may include a number of different interactions – a phone interview, a one-on-one interview or a group interview. Typically, the phone interview focuses on organizational fit; the one-on-one interview focuses on your fit with the position; and the group interview focuses on culture/team fit. Regardless of interview format, you need to present your best self. 

Below are items to consider across all interviews: 

Understand who is in the room – learn the name(s) of who you will be interviewing with ahead of time. Look into their role and think about how you might be able to tailor some of your answers to their area of focus. This is an opportunity to connect with your future team! 

Keep calm – we know it can feel overwhelming to interview. Be confident in your preparation and reassure yourself. We want to learn more about you and are dedicating our time to this interview. Take a deep breath beforehand, collect yourself and own your answers. 

Don't forget to smile – even if we can't see your smile, we can hear a smile. Speak clearly, stay upbeat and use positive language. This will let us know you are engaged and excited about this opportunity. 

Be an active listener – think about the interview as a conversation and make a conscious effort to understand what the other person is saying. Active listening allows you to answer the question asked, ask clarifying questions and develop a relationship with us. 

Ask questions – part of your interview prep was creating a list of questions important to you, don't miss this opportunity to ask them. Asking questions is your chance to learn from those doing the work first-hand and will help you assess your fit with the position, team and organization. It also shows us that you have a true interest in the position! 

Below are specific items to consider for your phone or web-based interview: 

Consider your environment – being prepared for the phone interview is as important as the in-person interview. Put aside anything that may be a distraction to you, silence other phones in the area if possible, put a sign on your door for unexpected visitors, turn off the radio and put your pet in another (safe) space. If it is a web-based interview you will also want to consider the background that we see. 

Be technology ready – be confident in your mobile signal or use a landline, if available. Web-based interviews can be a bit tricky, especially if you have not used the specific video chat system, so research how it works as it may require you to download software. Test the system with a friend ahead of time to ensure the webcam, microphone/speaker and software work. 

Below are specific items to consider for your group interview: 

Focus on team/culture/fit – our group interview is about culture and fit with the team. Use this as a starting point for answering questions, visualize your fit with the team and consider if the team's style fits with your personal values and beliefs. The group interview is a great way to get a better understanding of the opportunity and assess if we are right for YOU! 

Engage with all participants – all participants or a subset of the group may ask questions. Regardless of who asks, work around the room to engage and make eye contact with everyone. 

Pretend you're giving a presentation – make eye contact with multiple people as you respond so you build a connection with each one individually. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What type of questions should I expect? 

A: We focus on asking behavioral questions, which give us an idea of future behavior based on past experiences. These questions may address your experience dealing with difficult situations, working in teams, meeting deadlines, providing great service, etc. 

Q: How many participants should I expect in the group interview? 

A: Groups can be as small as 2 interviewers or much larger than that. The hiring manager/team makes an assessment of whose input is most important to the hiring decision and includes those people. 

Q: How do I best navigate the room to engage with everyone? 

A: You will want to divide your time among the participants in the room. A good recommendation is to make eye contact with the individual who poses the question and begin your answer with them. From there, make eye contact with each person throughout your answer. It is important to connect with each participant in the group interview, so spend some time with each, but make sure you have enough time to make it to everyone.


Treat every person you interact with as an evaluator – you're bound to interact with a number of individuals through our interview process, from the person on the phone scheduling your interview, to the HR Recruiter, to the hiring manager, to the receptionist in the office, to the cashier in the coffee shop.

Treat each of these individuals with professionalism and grace – don't be short with the receptionist or rude to the interview scheduler. You never know if feedback about your interactions will get back to the decision makers and eliminate you from consideration. 

Be confident – you've made it past the paper evaluation and have an opportunity to interview. Only a small percentage of applicants get the opportunity to interview. Let that idea resonate and build your confidence. We are taking time to get to know you better; you've garnered our interest on paper now confirm that decision in your interviews. 

Remember, we've decided we want to learn more about you. This is your opportunity to show us what you have to offer!

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