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Swaddling and SIDS: New Study Shows Back is Best

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Swaddled Baby

A study was recently published in Pediatrics that looked to evaluate the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and swaddling in infants. This meta-analysis pooled results from four smaller studies to calculate this risk. The results truly highlight what we already know to be true - the safest sleep position for an infant is on their back.

The risk of SIDS in swaddled infants sleeping on their sides or stomachs was significantly higher compared to both non-swaddled infants and swaddled infants sleeping on their backs. The evidence also showed an increased risk of SIDS in swaddled babies with increasing age, up to a twofold higher risk in those over six months of age. Babies begin to roll on their own at around four months of age.

Overall, this study further reinforces the advice most Pediatricians already provide - babies should be put to sleep on their backs and swaddling should stop once they are old enough to start rolling over.