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Job Application Tips

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UnityPoint Health - Meriter Careers

Your application, resume and cover letter are the first impression we will have of your abilities so use this opportunity to wow us. This article provides tips, tricks and best practices in completing an application. 

The electronic application document is a very important part of the process; one which can be overlooked by candidates. The application allows both the Recruitment Team and the Hiring Manager to review your experience and education in a consistent and uniform way; it may collect additional information beyond what is included in your resume.    

Below are items to consider when completing your application:   

Follow the directions – recruiters look at the application beyond your experience – it also shows your ability to follow directions.   

Fill out every box in the application – this is your chance to sell your background, skills, and knowledge; don't miss that opportunity! If something does not apply, use n/a.  

Use appropriate grammar, punctuation, and (especially) capitalization – please don't YELL AT US in all caps or forget that your name should be John Smith instead of john smith!  

Avoid abbreviations – the first person to review your application may not be "in the know" on industry lingo, so be specific.   

If completing an application and submitting a resume, make sure the information aligns – if one document lists your dates of employment one way and the other has different dates, you may not move forward in the process.   

Be honest – salary expectations, part-time vs full-time needs, shift availability, etc. Falsification is serious and we want to make sure the position is a match for both parties.  

Review everything you've entered before you click "submit" – errors/typos in information are easily recognizable by those individuals looking at your information day after day.   

Realize that technology can fail – our systems are designed to collect all the information and have a great success rate.   

But things can happen – system timeout, computer crashes, etc. Be prepared. Save your work as draft along the way, if you can.   

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: If I have included my resume, is it okay to list "see resume" in the application boxes?   

A: Take the time to fill in each box of information requested. We highly recommend avoiding "see resume". We know that we can see your resume, but we are asking you for it here, too, so we can have it in a common format across all applicants.   

Q: How much detail should I share regarding my departure from a previous employer?   

A: If asked about reason for leaving, be truthful and explain as much as you can without being confusing. Try to avoid "Will discuss in interview". This leads the reviewers to fill in the gaps in information without you being able to provide it.   


Consider your contact information when submitting your application – have you recently moved, changed phone numbers or email addresses? Moving forward in the interview process means we will need to connect with you; if we do not have accurate contact information, we cannot contact you.    

Check your voicemail and email often – hiring is a time-sensitive process. We want to be respectful of your time and the Recruitment Teams' time. If we are trying to connect with you and are unable to leave a message because your voicemail box is full, it will delay the process. If you don't respond to messages, it will delay the process and you may lose the opportunity to interview.     

Read the job posting and job description – consider the work schedule, pay scale, education and skill requirements. If the information posted on the job posting does not match what you are looking for, perhaps there is another position you want to consider. Frustration with work schedule and wages can lead to repeating the job hunt sooner than you'd like because you are dissatisfied with your job. Similarly, if the job description notes a primary responsibility is venipuncture and you hate needles, perhaps there is another position that is a better fit.   

Resume and cover letter templates – an internet search will result in a variety of templates for these documents. Review and determine which template is the best for your experience and style.  

Remember, you got this you know. Your background and experience better than anyone!

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