Annual Sports & Back-to-School Physicals

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Annual Sports & Back-to-School Physicals

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Annual Sports & Back-to-School Physicals

Believe it or not, it's already time to think ahead to fall. Back-to-school physicals are an important way to keep your child healthy. 

At the appointment your provider can 

  • Help ensure a balance for your child between home, school and extracurriculars 
  • Answer questions about development, habits and mental health
  • Provide vaccinations and keep tabs on growth 
  • Review healthy habits, including getting 5 or more fruits & vegetables, 2 hours or less of screen time, 1 hour or more of exercise and 0 sugar drinks. 

Make your appointment today

Schedule your child's annual sports & back-to-school physical with us today, before the rush of back to school! It never fails; the wait times increase mid to late summer as families rush into the office to fill out their forms by due date. Don't wait this year. Make your appointment today! 

Don't have a primary care provider yet? No worries, we've got your back! 

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