Outpatient Pharmacy

UnityPoint Health - Meriter Hospital

The UnityPoint Health - Meriter Outpatient Pharmacy is conveniently located in the hospital's main lobby. Patients can fill new prescriptions in the Outpatient Pharmacy so there is no need to stop at their home pharmacy on the way home.

If needed, the prescription can then be transferred to the patient's home pharmacy for future refills. The pharmacy accepts most local and national prescription insurances. If you have an upcoming appointment and are interested in filling your prescriptions with us, you can call ahead to confirm that we accept your insurance.

Why Choose the Meriter Outpatient Pharmacy?

Customer Service

  • Pediatric dose checking
  • Personalized medication consults and teaching
  • Medication profile review to screen for drug interactions
  • A friendly, knowledgeable staff



  • The Outpatient Pharmacy is located in the main lobby of Meriter Hospital
    •  Parking is available in the parking ramp and can be validated.
  • Patients can fill prescriptions so they don't have to stop at their pharmacy on the way home. Any refills on the prescriptions can be transferred to the patient's home pharmacy

For more information, call the Outpatient Pharmacy at (608) 417-6009.

Safe Medication Disposal

UnityPoint Health - Meriter Outpatient Pharmacy now has a medication drop box for easy disposal of leftover, unused, and expired medications. The receptacle is located in the lobby of the Outpatient Pharmacy and will be accessible during normal pharmacy hours.

Patients are encouraged to remove all identifying information prior to depositing medications into the bin. Medications must be placed into the receptacle by the patient or their delegate. Pharmacy staff members are not permitted to accept medications for disposal.

What is accepted:

  • Prescription medications including controlled substances
  • Over the counter medications

What is not accepted:

  • Schedule I controlled substances & illicit drugs
  • Epi pens, needles, and other sharps
  • Thermometers