Window Safety: Prevent a Window Fall

Girl and boy standing by window

Each year in the United States, window falls send more than 3,300 children to the hospital to be treated for injuries. Although most falls do not cause death, about eight children under age 5 die each year from falling out a window. Because window falls lead to more severe injuries than any other type of fall, it’s important for families to take steps to help prevent them.   

Safety is important throughout the year, but spring is a great time to check your windows. Remember to keep all windows closed and locked when not in use. With the weather warming up though, there will be more opportunities to open the windows and let in fresh air. 

Three Things You Can Do

  1. Keep beds and furniture away from windows. Children love to crawl and climb, which means they could access windows that would otherwise be out of reach. Move chairs, cribs and other items away from windows to discourage direct access to windows.  

  2. Install window guards, window stops or a special safety screen. Keep in mind that common window screens don’t solve the problem. Screens are meant to keep bugs out. They do not keep children in. In 80% of window fall cases, a screen was in place.

    You can find low-cost window safety products at the Hannah Geneser Learning Center and Safety Store. Injury prevention experts will show you how to properly install these items. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be time consuming. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it only takes five minutes to install these items and prevent a child from falling out a window.

  3. Supervise children around open windows and teach them to play a safe distance away. Talk to your children about safety and let them know it’s best to play two giant steps away from windows.

Learn More

Visit the Hannah Geneser Learning Center & Safety Store at Blank Children's Hospital.

Visit the Hannah Geneser Foundation for resources and more information on window safety. 

Visit for fall prevention tips.

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