Tuesday Fit Tip: The Russian Twist


Editor's Note: This is the first edition of a new weekly series on UnityPoint.org/Peoria, the Tuesday Fit Tip! Check back each Tuesday for more workout wisdom from the exercise specialists at UnityPoint Health - Peoria. 

Looking for a great abdominal exercise to add to your routine that can be done almost anywhere? Then try The Russian Twist.

> To set up for this exercise you’re going to be sitting on a mat, with knees bent, and feet on the ground. 

> Holding the medicine ball with your arms extended while slightly leaning back, rotate the ball side to side while keeping your abs engaged and making sure you are not holding your breath.

The degree of difficulty for this exercise will depend on the weight of the medicine ball and the placement of the ball and legs.

> To modify the intensity of the exercise, bring the ball closer to the chest and then lift your feet off the ground.

>Rotate the ball side to side, making sure to keep your abs tight. Don't hold your breath.

> Another modification you can do is to bounce the ball on the floor every time you rotate the ball. If you do not have a medicine ball you can use a dumbbell or plate and do the same movements.

Watch Exercise Specialist Jeremy Coker demonstrate in the video below. 

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