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Occupational Therapy

A common question people have is: "What is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy?" While there are similarities between these two therapies, each has a different focus. Physical therapy focuses more on movement dysfunctions and mobility and directly treats injuries, while occupational therapy focuses more on activities to improve life skills. An occupational therapist will: 

  • Identify functional limitations and diagnose condition of each patient. 
  • Target the fine motor skills that are debilitating to daily functions for the patient and create exercises to optimize independence.
  • Demonstrate the use of equipment for those with permanent disabilities and make sure the patient feels comfortable and confident at home and at work.

The ultimate goal of an occupational therapist is to help individuals of all ages participate in everyday activities as fully as possible by providing the exercises and equipment necessary and always having a positive attitude to instill encouragement and confidence. If you still are not sure whether physical or occupational therapy is the route for you, please contact one of our offices, and we will evaluate your situation to identify the best plan of action for you.