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Manage your asthma symptoms from home


We're here to help manage asthma symptoms

At UnityPoint at Home, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional asthma care.  Our compassionate staff members are hand selected and trained to manage the unique challenges associated with asthma, including related symptoms, medications and lifestyle modification.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airway. This leads to bouts of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing. Many things can trigger an asthma attack including:

  • Allergens and pollens
  • Irritants like cigarette smoke, air pollution, chemicals or sprays
  • Colds and upper respiratory infections
  • Physical activity and exercise

Asthma Care... in Your Home, Your Surroundings - The Best Possible Choice for Managing Asthma

We understand that living with asthma can be scary and unpredictable. Sometimes symptoms are very mild and go away on their own or with medicine; other times symptoms can be very intense and lead to an asthma attack. There isn't a cure for asthma, but with treatment and/or lifestyle changes, symptoms can be successfully managed. Our asthma care environment allows those living with asthma to learn ways of managing their symptoms comfortably, in their own home.

Personalized Medical Care for Asthma

Our goal is help those living with asthma to maintain a healthy, independent life. Asthma symptoms can flare up at any time, so it's important to take an active role in managing the disease.

Under the direction and supervision of your own physician, our staff members can assist you with various medical care, such as:

  • Breathing treatments
  • Medicine management and supervision
  • Exercise therapy
  • Emergency medical care during an attack

Getting People Back to Normal Life

One of the biggest challenges for those with asthma is adjusting their lifestyle to manage their symptoms. Some people are so limited with their physical activity that they can't clean their home without falling short of breath, and excess dirt or dust in the home only triggers more flare-ups. Living with asthma can seem like a vicious cycle for the entire family. We can help.

Helping with Daily Activities

At UnityPoint at Home, our compassionate staff can assist with a variety of daily living activities, such as:

  • Bathing and grooming
  • Light household chores
  • Meal preparation
  • Modifying physical activity

Asthma Symptoms Can Be Managed. We Can Help You.

UnityPoint at Home can help those with asthma lead an active, healthy and independent life. Call us today about your unique case and we can help you determine the scope of care needed.