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Regaining Your Sense of Balance

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a therapeutic program that uses exercise to help regain the sense of balance.

  • Does reading make you dizzy?
  • Does watching a train or cars passing in front of you make you dizzy?
  • Do you experience lightheadedness or dizzy symptoms walking down an aisle at the grocery store, walking up or down a flight of stairs or walking in a dark room?
  • Do you get dizzy when you sit up or sit down?
  • Do you feel dizzy when reaching up into the cupboard?
  • Does changing the laundry make you lightheaded or dizzy?
  • Does picking up items off the floor provoke dizziness?
  • Do dizzy symptoms keep you from completing your job or household responsibilities?
  • Do quick movements cause dizzy spells?
  • Are you afraid to leave home because you are afraid a dizzy spell may occur?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a medical condition called vertigo. The dizziness, or vertigo, is produced when debris from the inner ear is dislodged and accumulates in the posterior canal of the ear. When the head moves, the debris can pull on the tiny hair-like sensors in the ear canal that disturbs our equilibrium.

People sometimes describe the feeling as 1) they are spinning or 2) their environment is spinning which causes them to feel dizzy. This condition causes you to be at an increased risk for falls and can make it very difficult for you to do normal activities.

At Trinity, certified physical and occupational therapists will use special techniques to reduce the dizziness and help you regain normal function.  Typically, your therapist will recommend personalized exercises that you can do at your home on a regular basis, in between visits to the therapy center.