Trinity Pharmacy Launches Bedside Delivery of Discharge Medications
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Trinity Pharmacy Launches Bedside Delivery of Discharge Medications

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Trinity Pharmacy Team

UnityPoint Health – Trinity Pharmacy recently launched a ‘Meds-to-Beds’ program. Designed with patients’ health in mind, the UnityPoint Health program eliminates the need to stop at a pharmacy on the way home. The outpatient pharmacy team evaluates and prepares medications physicians prescribe for home, deliver them to the patient’s bedside and discuss the medications with the patient before they are discharged.

“Offering bedside medication delivery is truly a unique patient service we are excited to offer through the Trinity Pharmacy,” stated Troy Martens, COO, UnityPoint Health – Fort Dodge. “The primary mission of Trinity Pharmacy is to provide patients with timely access to their medications which has a direct impact in improving their health.”

“Not only does the Meds-to-Beds program help ease the transition of going back home it also helps avoid readmissions and ultimately improves outcomes,” shared Jake Crimmins, PharmD, Trinity Pharmacy Manager. “As part of your healthcare team, our pharmacists work closely with your providers and are trained to review all medications with your medical history and will take the time to teach you about your new medications.”

Meds-to-Beds is a fast, convenient service for patients that is offered at no additional cost. The cost should be the same as a regular pharmacy co-payment. Additionally, Trinity Pharmacy offers competitive prices for over-the-counter medications.

While Meds-to-Beds is offered for patients’ convenience, it is an optional program. Patients have the right to select any pharmacy they wish to provide the medications their physicians prescribe.

Trinity Pharmacy is conveniently located near the Main Entrance inside of Trinity Regional Medical Center, and is open Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.