Meet Kodiak: A Trinity Baby
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Meet Kodiak: A Trinity Baby

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baby boy, Kodiak

Kodiak was born at UnityPoint Health – Trinity Regional Medical Center on May 13,2020 weighing 9 pounds, 2 ounces, and measured 20 inches long. Kodiak and his family live in Fort Dodge. Mom, Bridget, and dad, Tommy, share a little about Kodiak’s sweet arrival below.

Leading up to the Delivery: In amidst of a pandemic, it felt a little different getting ready to welcome a baby into the world. 

“We decided early on to self-quarantine and stay at home for the safety of the baby and me,” says Bridget. 

The only time Bridget really left the house was to go to her appointments at the clinic. While the unknown was scary, both Bridget and Tommy were reassured by their care team and with all the new processes UnityPoint Clinic had in place.

“Everyone in the clinic were supportive, prompt and helpful,” says Tommy. “We were able to wait in our car until they were ready to see Bridget, and we felt comfortable in the clinic knowing all the precautions they were taking.”

Birth Story: Kodiak wasn’t in any hurry to make his first appearance. One week overdue, Bridget was tested for COVID-19 and given the okay to be induce two days later. 

The couple called ahead and were told they could come in around 7:30 a.m. Shortly after arriving, they were in the room and Bridget was induced. 

“They broke my water around 8:30 a.m. and then around 11 a.m. I was given Pitocin to help move things along. But the baby wasn’t reacting to the medicine well, so we decided to let nature take its course for a while.”

Later that afternoon, Bridget’s contractions got stronger. 

“I decided to get an epidural and was feeling good after that,” shares Bridget

Bridget’s nurse, Jenny, came to check on her and the baby, when she quickly discovered the baby had a prolapsed umbilical cord. Meaning, the umbilical cord was in the birth canal ahead of the baby; which causes concerns as the baby moves through the birth canal it would apply pressure on the umbilical cord and cut off blood supply. 

 “Jenny was holding the umbilical cord while pushing the baby away from it, and told me to quickly get another nurse,” explains Tommy. 

In merely a couple of minutes, but what felt like a lifetime, Dr. Turek arrived to perform an emergency c-section. 

Tommy says, “In a very high stress and rare situation, he let us know they train for these situations and an emergency c-section was needed.”

Bridget was immediately wheeled back to the operating room and Kodiak was born shortly after. 

Due to the emergency c-section, Tommy wasn’t able to go back with Bridget so stayed back in the room anxiously awaiting to hear how his wife and baby were doing. He was put at ease when he soon learned that mom and baby were doing well. 

Kodiak went to the nursery for close observation and Tommy was thankful to be able to meet him there and stay by his side until they both were reunited with Bridget.

While things certainly didn’t go as planned, the Coleman family couldn’t be happier with the care and treatment they received. From being delivered during a pandemic, to experiencing a prolapsed umbilical cord, Kodiak sure as a unique and memorable beginning to his life.

Favorite Nurse: Jenny Conrad was a God send! Everyone who took care of us were amazing, but Jenny definitely stands out. She discovered the prolapsed umbilical cord and knew exactly what needed to happen to keep me safe and save Kodiak’s life. 

Favorite Doctor: Dr. Turek was calm and reassuring during a very high stress and emergent situation. He quickly shared how he and his team train for these types of situations, and I felt I was in good hands.

What was it like delivering a baby during a pandemic? Because we self-quarantined early on, I wasn’t worried I had COVID-19. However, there was a little part of me that was anxious waiting for the results. And, it was just different having to stay in your room and seeing everyone with masks on. At the end of the day though, we felt safe and it was nice knowing Trinity Birth Center had a plan and all the moms were being tested who were on the floor.

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