null Too Much Weight = Heart Attack or Stroke?
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Too Much Weight = Heart Attack or Stroke?

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Obesity is the most common preventable cause of death in America. Obesity is a gateway disease; it opens the doors to having a stroke or even a heart attack. It's safe to say that losing weight has a lot of health benefits. Being conscience of your obesity can help you reshape your life. 

Don't diet, Eat Nutritious food
A calorie is a unit of energy within food. Some foods have more calories than other, and just because a food has fewer calories then something else does not mean it is healthier. Try to eat a balanced diet of nutritious foods, you don't have to eat less, just start eating healthier foods. Instead of having french fries as a side a salad or an apple. Options like these are becoming more prevalent in all restaurants, even fast food places.

Slow Down
Slowing down is a great way to not overeat. It takes awhile for your body to realize that you are full. The slower you eat, the more time your body has to process your state of hunger. Eating faster will allow your body to overeat without it sending you the proper signals of being full. Take time to enjoy each bite, and you'll find that you'll be eating less and feel just as satisfied.

Everybody hears the benefit of exercising everyday, but honestly, even just making an effort to walk or use stairs throughout the day can help your body out. If you are ready to do more, great! Making exercise a weekly or daily routine can help you more than you know.