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After 41 Years - She's Free

After 41 Years - She's Free

“It really is like a new freedom,” shares Jana New, Communications department at UnityPoint Health - Trinity Regional Medical Center. Jan has been tobacco free for close to 90 days since she participated in the Smoking Cessation classes at Trinity in January.

“My husband, Lee, and I decided it was time,” Jana continued, “It was so expensive with both of us smoking, and we were tired of it.” The decision was not an easy one but Jana and Lee had been talking about it for a while. Jana also share that one of the other key deciding factors to quit was her grandkids.

“When my kids were little they would nag me to stop smoking and I would always say, ‘yah, yah,’ but then when my grandchildren started to tell me to stop, I felt bad. I don’t want my grandchildren to ever start smoking. I would even hide it from them.” So this winter, after 41 years of smoking, Jana finally kicked the habit and is excited about living a healthier life.

“I’m not coughing like I was,” stated Jana, “I love to go to plays and concerts and I would have to take cough drops with me so I wouldn’t cough all the time. It was embarrassing to have to get up and leave in the middle of a performance because of my coughing. Now my coughing is almost gone.”  Jana also shares that she hasn’t had one cold all winter, which was not typical for her. Other benefits that she has noted was the smell no longer permeates everything they own, and they have already seen the financial rewards.

Jana confesses she still has urges, but when they come she forces herself to go do something else like take a quick walk. She also contributes her success with partnering with her husband. They provided the support each other needed during some of the tougher moments.

“It wasn’t as hard I as I thought it would be,” Jana surprisingly states. “The classes really motivated us and were a lot of fun. We learned a lot about the process of quitting smoking and enjoyed being able to talk with others experiencing the same things we were.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I liked smoking even when I knew how bad it was for me,” she shares. “But I hated feeling like an outcast and it was really a burden trying to figure out when and where I could smoke, not to mention standing out in the freezing cold. I feel free now.”

If you would like more information about the next Smoking Cessation on May 6, visit or call 574-6528.