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One More?

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Holly McClintock, new mom of baby number three.

After you have a baby, moms pretty much know everything they need to know for the next – at least that may be the perception. The reality is – as much as each child is different - so can be the pregnancies, births and definitely raising them! Just ask Holly McClintock, new mom of baby number three.

Holly and her husband, Justin, are the proud parents of Livia 8, Lane 6, and most recently, Lincoln born September 28, 2018. Holly will be the first one to tell you each of her children are very different and came into the world differently. However, one thing that didn’t change was the compassionate and supportive team she had with the birth of each child at Trinity Birth Center.

“I almost cried each time I came home after my kids were born,” shares Holly “I wanted to bring the nurses home with me! They are so caring and reassuring, and they take the time to educate. I was kind of taken back on how much I had forgotten with the birth of Lincoln. It was like I was starting over again.”

Holly thought she was ready for Lincoln to enter into the world, until she went into labor. “I had Lincoln on a Friday. Early that week I had an OB appointment and at that point nothing was really happening as far as dilatation, so we had started talking about inducing the next week. But as I was getting ready for work that morning I felt like I was having some labor pains. I went in and saw Dr. O’Connor and sure enough, I was in labor – but I was so unprepared!” Holly explains, “Dr. O’Connor was sending me immediately over to the Birth Center and I hadn’t packed anything yet or gotten the baby things ready. I had made a bunch of plans to be part of Fort Dodge’s homecoming weekend with the kids. I really wasn’t expecting to have a baby that day!”

Ready or not, little Lincoln was born on that Friday at 6:02pm. What happened during his birth also really impressed Holly. “Dr. O’Connor was supposed to be off that afternoon, but he stayed. Not only that, my nurses also stayed past their shift until he was born. They didn’t have to do that, they could have gone home, but they wouldn’t hear of it. That really meant a lot to me and made me feel valued.”

Working in the medical field herself, Holly is very aware of interaction between patients and their healthcare team. “When we first moved to the area, the hospital and doctors were all highly spoken of and they have not let me down,” shares Holly, “Dr. O’Connor delivered all three of my children. I really appreciate him as a provider, he’s patient yet matter of fact in an encouraging and professional way. His staff makes you feel like you’re one of their family members because they are so excited about your pregnancy.” Holly also ads, “Both Livia and Lane came to my ultrasounds and the staff were really great to them making them feel so important in the experience.”

While Lincoln is only a few months old, Holly is already joking about having more children, “…just so I can see the nurses and be taken care of by them!”