Healing for the Love of Music
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Healing for the Love of Music

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It was one of those winter days in Iowa that we all know well, mid-February and unseasonably warm. We love those days. They help us keep our sanity during the winter months, it is a promise that spring is just around the corner, a reminder to hang on we’re almost there! But as we all know, they are usually brief and the snow that melted and left the ground wet will refreeze and cause trouble.

In February 2014, Jennifer Schild unfortunately experienced the ‘trouble’ that comes along with one of those brief glimpses into spring. Jennifer, a Kindergarten teacher at Community Christian School, was taking a group of children out for recess. “I had just finished telling the children to be careful because the playground could be slick when I stepped on what I thought was damp concrete but it turned out to be ice. I immediately went down,” said Jennifer. “I knew something was wrong as soon as I hit the ground – the pain was almost unbearable.”

After quickly moving the students back inside and getting the attention of another teacher, Jennifer was promptly taken to Trinity’s Emergency Room. Once at the ER, Jennifer was seen by Dr. Cole; he helped to manage her pain and determined that her wrist was fractured. “Dr. Cole recommended Dr. Bergstrom for my surgery; he told me that if he had the same break, he would have Dr. Bergstrom operate on him. Because of previous health care experiences I’ve had with Dr. Cole I have a great deal of respect for him. Hearing his high opinion of Dr. Bergstrom, I knew I would be in good hands,” shared Jennifer.

“Dr. Bergstrom was wonderful. He made me feel like I was important – we talked about my goals for recovery,” stated Jennifer. “I enjoy playing the guitar. And as a teacher I play it every day in the classroom. I told him that was my goal – to be able to play the guitar again. I could tell he really understood how important that was to me. I think he could relate because he plays the violin.”

Jennifer had surgery on her wrist the day she fell and was home the next day. “Everything went so well. And everyone, from the ER, in the hospital and at the clinic, they were all wonderful,” added Jennifer. Four weeks after the surgery and two casts later, Jennifer started Occupational Therapy at Highland Park to regain mobility of her wrist and hand, so she could reach her goal of playing the guitar again.

“Coming to Highland Park was really good for me. My hand was very weak. I couldn’t even pull a zipper, which is really important for a Kindergarten teacher. I help zip a lot of coats throughout the day,” said Jennifer. “I was very fortunate to work with Liz and Molly; they made Occupational Therapy fun, even when it was really hard work!”

“Thanks to Dr. Bergstrom, Liz and Molly, I’m doing great and I achieved my goal! I’m grateful for the outstanding care I received and thrilled with the outcome. I’m so happy that I can play the guitar for my students and even help zip up coats when needed,” Jennifer added, “but I’m really careful on ice now!”