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Visiting Nurse Association

Celebrating 100 Years of Service to our Communities - 1910-2010

The health of a community depends upon its ability to work toward common health goals and upon adequate distribution of health resources to all of its members. Since 1910, the Visiting Nurse Association has worked collaboratively with Dubuque's private and public sectors, to reduce the spread of infectious disease, see that infants and children are properly immunized, educate people regarding healthy lifestyles, promote oral health, provide supportive services to elderly in their homes, offer parenting support and so much more. Since 1997, the VNA has provided Public Health in Clayton County through the Elkader VNA office.

Over the years, the services offered by the Visiting Nurse Association have changed concurrently with the changing needs of the community and its service area has grown. The VNA of Dubuque currently has offices in Dubuque and Elkader, Iowa and collaborates with agencies in Allamakee, Delaware and other northeast Iowa counties to serve their residents.

VNA Services in Clayton County 


VNA Services in Dubuque County


Public Health and Local Resources

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Relationship with Finley

Since 1996, the VNA has operated as a subsidiary of Finley Tri-States Health Group, Inc., the parent organization of UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital. This affiliation offers purchasing and support service advantages to the VNA while allowing it to remain a separate company with its own governing board of directors and its own fund-raising activities. In 1997, Clayton County VNA operating out of the Office in Elkader, Iowa. As a non-profit organization, the VNA relies on state, federal and local funding.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the VNA, please send to:

Visiting Nurse Association
1454 Iowa Street
Dubuque, IA 52004

Dubuque Racing Association

Since 1987, DRA has helped the VNA fulfill its mission by providing funding for programs and structural improvements for building. This funding has allowed the VNA to focus on our primary mission for a healthier community.

VNA Junior Volunteers

The VNA Junior Board (originally known as the Junior Auxiliary) was established in 1932 to provide various volunteer services and later transportation to nurses and fund raising. Today this group continues to be active in providing supplies for Dubuque VNA clients, volunteer service hours for clients, and fund raising for Dubuque VNA programs, including the School-Based Sealant Program held at local elementary and middle schools.

Its members continue to give generously of their time and talents in countless ways. They assist clients with grocery shopping, visit home bound patients, assist with a young parents' support group, and provide support at child vaccine immunization clinics.

Individuals interested in volunteering can call (563) 557-6200 or email

Junior Board President

Becky Jenkins


To provide financial support to the VNA, the Junior Board will hold their annual banquet on Friday, September 25 at the Diamond Jo Casino Ballroom .

Are you interested in learning more about this event or making a donation to the VNA, please contact us at

Board of Health Infrastructure

Dubuque County Board of Health Infrastructure

The VNA collaborates with the Dubuque County Board of Health and Supervisors to ensure essential services within the Core Public Health Functions of Assessment Policy Development, and Assurance are met. This is accomplished through performing the Ten Essential Services of Public Health which includes:

  • Monitoring the health status of the community
  • Diagnosing and investigating health problems
  • Informing educating and empowering people about health issues
  • Mobilizing community partnerships
  • Developing policies and plans that support individual and community health issues
  • Enforcing laws and regulations to protect health and safety
  • Linking people to needed personal health services and assuring provision of health care with otherwise unavailable
  • Assuring a competent public health workforce
  • Evaluating effectiveness, accessibility and quality of health services
  • Promoting research for new insights and innovating solutions to health problems

Clayton County Board of Health Infrastructure

Ensuring essential services within the Core Public Health Functions of Assessment, Policy Development and Assurance are met. This is accomplished through monitoring the health status of the community, diagnosing and investigating, evaluating, enforcing laws and regulations, developing policies and plans, research, linking people to needed personal health services, assuring a competent public health workforce, informing, educating and empowering people and mobilizing community partnerships.

The Clayton County Visiting Nurses Association works with the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Finley Hospital Community Health Assessment 2012-2015.