VNA Board of Directors | UnityPoint Health - Dubuque

VNA Board of Directors 

Nick Thompson, Chair
Carol Trueg, Vice Chair 

Susan Davison, Treasurer & Secretary
Kim Hilby
Kevin Klein
Patrice Lambert 

VNA Junior Board 

The VNA Junior Board (originally known as the Junior Auxiliary) was established in 1932 to provide various volunteer services and later transportation to nurses and fundraising. Today this group continues to be active in providing supplies for Dubuque VNA clients, volunteer service hours for clients, and fundraising for Dubuque VNA programs, including the School-Based Sealant Program held at local elementary and middle schools. Its members continue to give generously of their time and talents in countless ways. They assist clients with grocery shopping, visit home bound patients, assist with a young parents' support group, and provide support at child vaccine immunization clinics. 


Individuals interested in volunteering can call (563) 556-6200 or email

Junior Board President 

The president of the VNA Junior Board is Sara Henze. 

Events & Causes

Are you interested in learning more about VNA Junior Board events, please contact us at