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Pediatric Rehabilitation in Dubuque, Iowa

Pediatric Rehabilitation in Dubuque

We offer experienced professionals who are passionate about working with children and are committed to advancing our knowledge to best serve our patients within Dubuque and the surrounding tri-state area. Our team has a combined 100 + years of experience.

Our pediatric therapists provide comprehensive services to children from infancy through early adulthood. We work closely with the family and other health care providers to maximize each child's potential for functional independence and communication through examinations, evaluations, promotion of health and wellness, assessment of needs for adaptive equipment, feeding intervention, and development of communication skills.

  • Physical Therapists - focus on improving strength, coordination, balance and motor skills including tummy time, crawling, walking, jumping and climbing to improve functional independence and participation.
  • Occupational Therapists - focus on fine motor coordination, sensory processing, handwriting and activities of daily living (dressing/grooming) to develop functional and independent skills.
  • Speech - Language Pathologists - focus on understanding and using words, social communication and interaction, speech sound difficulties, reading difficulties, and voice and swallowing disorders. Our therapists are trained to use traditional voice therapy techniques as well as PROMPT therapy. 

Specialized Services Offered by our Pediatric Rehabilitation Team

  • Aquatic Physical Therapy
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Bracing/Orthotics/Footwear modifications 
  • Feeding Intervention (including SOS and Beckman Approaches)
  • Gait Training with LiteGait System
  • Handwriting Without Tears®
  • Home Care Services
  • Interactive Metronome®
  • Integrated Listening Systems (ILS)
  • Kinesio Taping®
  • NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation for muscle re-education
  • Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS)
  • PROMPT Therapy
  • Sensory Processing and Integration
  • Serial Casting

Specialized Certifications Held by our Pediatric Rehabilitation Team

  • Gaston® Technique
  • Pediatric Clinical Specialist
  • Ride Custom Wheelchair Seating Practitioner
  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT)
  • VistalStim® for swallowing disorders

About Your Child's First Visit

Your child's first visit with Finley Pediatric Rehabilitation Services will probably be the longest. Please plan to be at the clinic for more than one hour. We ask that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes ahead of your child's appointment to complete medical history and insurance information.

You will want to bring the following items along to your child's first appointment (unless our office has already received it):

  • Referral information from your child's primary provider
  • Recent medical records from your child's primary provider
  • Results of any previous evaluations
  • Adaptive equipment, braces/splints, and/or communication devices that are being used
  • If you have any questions or need to cancel, please call 563.557.9955

Our office hours are Monday -Thursday 7 am to 6 pm and Fridays 7 am to 5 pm.

Early Intervention Services

Within our pediatric rehabilitation team are professionals with expertise in early intervention services, including positioning, sensory integration, feeding, adaptive equipment and splinting.