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Positive Reviews Turn Into Positive Experience for Family Birthing Suites Patient

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The Shukla family - Darshan, Dhwayne and Sneha.

Darshan and Sneha Shukla recently moved to Dubuque, Iowa, while they were expecting their first child. During their move, they were faced with finding a provider and hospital to oversee Sneha’s pregnancy and delivery. 

After searching on the Internet and reading reviews, Darshan and Sneha agreed that Dubuque OB-GYN and UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital would be the perfect choice. 

“We are new to this town and this was my first pregnancy,” Sneha said. “I found very good reviews on the doctors, nurses, hospital and taking care of newborns.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Sneha was cared for by Dr. Thaddeus Anderson and when it was time to deliver her baby, she was welcomed to Finley Hospital. 

Dhwayne Darshan Shukla

On January 12, 2021, Dhwayne Darshan Shukla was brought into the world via C-Section at 12:53 p.m., weighing 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 20 ¼ inches long. 

During her stay at Finley Hospital, including her C-Section, Sneha was impressed with the care her and her baby received. 

“During the C-Section, Dr. Anderson and the Finley Hospital team took very good care of me,” Sneha said. “With all of the nurses caring for the baby and me, I was quite happy with the service.”

One thing that stood out during Sneha’s birthing experience was the well-rounded care that the staff in Finley’s Family Birthing Suites provided. 

It helped her overcome her first birth, in addition to her physical and mental health. 

“The nursing staff were always checking on me,” Sneha said. “One nurse asked me about my mother, who wasn’t able to be here with me. But, the staff is some of the best people you could ever ask for. They just took care of everything, physically and mentally – they were just amazing.”

Because of heightened visitor restrictions, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, patients in the Family Birthing Suites are allowed one support person throughout their stay. 

Yet, Sneha didn’t feel an absence of family, as she truly connected with those who cared for her.

“If you don’t have family with you in the hospital, you are good to go,” Sneha said. “They are like a family to you, and they share stories. When you are here by yourself, you can learn something new from the nurses or just have someone to talk to.”

Being a first-time parent can seem overwhelming at first, adjusting to all of the new parts of life, such as caring for a newborn, breastfeeding, etc. 

Sneha was thankful for the staff providing her with education on how to best care for her baby throughout her hospital stay.

“During my stay, they taught me how to nurse and feed the baby and what to do if my baby wasn’t OK,” Sneha said. “Sometimes, you are exhausted as a new parent and may forget things. One of the things I learned was that I didn’t need to worry, because babies are adjusting to the new atmosphere and may cry sometimes. That was very helpful.”

To learn more about the Family Birthing Suites unit at Finley Hospital, call (563) 583-BABY (2229) or click here.