Maahs Honored with Recent DAISY Award Winner

Maahs Honored with Recent DAISY Award Winner

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Maahs Honored with Recent DAISY Award Winner

Join us in congratulating Dee Maahs, RN, CDE, Educator, 4MS and Resource Staff, on being recognized as UnityPoint Health – Dubuque’s most recent DAISY award recipient!  

For over 40 years, Dee has held several positions throughout UnityPoint Health – Dubuque, including positions as staff nurse, charge nurse, interim nursing director, as well as pediatric, surgical, oncology, pain, palliative care, diabetic education, med-surg-oncology educator, and IPOST facilitator and instructor.  Dee has taken her profession and calling very seriously, as she has always been driven to provide the Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time using only the latest evidence-based, research supported interventions for her patients and their families.  For many years, she has mentored, empowered, and taught hundreds of new team members to help them become the best they can be to assure our patients receive the care they deserve.    

In addition to the ways in which Dee champions excellence within our organization, she seizes opportunities to further our organization’s mission and vision outside of UnityPoint Health – Dubuque.  Dee has taken her love of pediatric care outside of the United States to be a nurse in Haiti on medical trips for over 20 years.  She yearns to go each year, and claims the children rejuvenate and give her more than she possibly could be giving or healing them.

“I see the photos of her attending with her tender, compassionate way to a child and the bright smiles on their faces.  I have seen the children want to cling to her, and want their photo taken with her.  Haitian parents have let her know what great healing she has performed for their children, and they are very grateful for this.  Dee takes this very humbly, in a very quiet way.  She does not seek the limelight; she sits behind the scenes, not getting credit for the impact and positive influence she has.  She will just say, ‘This is who I am; just doing what I love.’”

Excerpt from DAISY Nomination

In addition to this, Dee has played a special role in one particular pediatric patient’s life since birth, with the child now being 18 years old.  Each admission, Dee has been at the child’s side, giving her love, attention and care.  Dee’s impact on this family is so profound that this past Mother’s Day, Dee received a text from this child’s mother telling her, “Happy Mother’s Day, as Dee, you have been and we think of you as the ‘Other Mother’.”

Thank you, Dee, for going above and beyond what is asked of you as a nurse.  The ways in which you bring empathy, comfort, and knowledge to each individual patient and their family personifies who we are as an organization.  Thank you!

Pictured Left to Right: Mary Peters, Finley's Chief Nursing Officer, Dee Maahs, Karen Schneider, Tammy Dutler, and DeAnna Conley