Gloria Heacock, 4 Med/Surg Honored With DAISY Awards

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Gloria Heacock, 4 Med/Surg Honored With DAISY Awards

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The 4 Med/Surg team was awarded the DAISY Team Award, after caring for one of their own team members, Mike Vandermillen.

Twice a year, nurses at UnityPoint Health – Dubuque are recognized for the exceptional care and compassion they give to our patients with the DAISY Award. 

The DAISY Award recognizes the prevailing dedication of nurses and has become a national program that honors the compassionate care and clinical excellence nurses bring to their patients every day. At Finley Hospital, DAISY Award recipients consistently exceed patient and overall experience expectations, while reflecting the UnityPoint Health FOCUS values of fostering unity, owning the moment, championing excelling and seizing opportunities. 

During the recent awards ceremony, Finley’s 4 Med/Surg team and Gloria Heacock of the Intensive Care Unit were honored as DAISY Award recipients.   

The 4 Med/Surg team won the DAISY team award, after caring for one of their own team members – Mike Vandermillen. 

Their nominator, Sue Bergfeld, states, “My brother Mike has been a nurse at Finley for 25 years, most of those on 4th floor Med/Surg. In June, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He is doing all he can to beat it. His co-workers, many of whom he trained over the years, have been the most caring, compassionate people I have ever met. From the beginning, they have shown him support from bringing meals, coming to visit, calling him, or even Facebook messages. They have shown him love and respect that I never knew was possible from co-workers. They did a T-shirt to raise some support as well as funds. I, as his sister, have met some of the best people I could ever ask to. They have explained things I didn’t want to ask him about and been there to just give a hug when necessary. It is great to see a team of such wonderful co-workers who truly love their fellow teammates. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about a great group of employees you have.”

Additional DAISY Team award nominees included the Pain, Infusion and Wound Clinic, ICU and 5 Med/Surg. 

Gloria Heacock (second from right) with Terry Maas (far right) and his family during the December DAISY Award ceremony.

Individually, Gloria Heacock, RN, a nurse in Finley’s Intensive Care Unit also won a DAISY Award after noticing a patient’s side effects to a medication. 

Her nominator, Julie Konzen, writes, 

“Your staff is remarkable and I honestly cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my dad and my family. They are truly a great team and you can tell they like what they do and have the passion to treat their patients no different than how they would want their loved ones to be treated.

Gloria is the reason my father will be able to come back home and live out his life with family. She is the reason his health turned around so quickly. She is the reason my father is again able to hug me whenever I see him and he can again tell his loved ones how much we mean to him. I was so close to losing my hero. Thanks to Gloria, I have him back. Instead of going through the duties as she does each shift, she recognized my dad was in big trouble. She then double checked his record to see if she could pinpoint the cause for the dramatic change. She was proactive and took all the necessary steps to get him back on track. Thank God she did! Thank God for Gloria!!!”

In addition to Gloria, 15 other Finley Hospital nurses were nominated for the DAISY Award, including Brandi Smith (4 Med/Surg), Dana Schemmel (5 Med/Surg), Linda Fricano (PACU), Jessica Healey (5 Med/Surg), Jason Hoppenjan (5 Med/Surg), Marna Roth (4 Med/Surg), Maloree Cummer (Rehab), Jeremiah Laugesen (Cath Lab), Barb White (Family Birthing Suites), Sierra Beam (4 Med/Surg), Nicole Dubord (4 Med/Surg), Kara McMahon (4 Med/Surg), Dee Robbins (5 Med/Surg), Travis Klinefelter (5 Med/Surg) and Patricia Prine (5 Med/Surg). 

To nominate someone you know for a DAISY award, submit a nomination form to any nurses station within the hospital or click here.