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Radial Heart Catheterization

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Jim Wilhelm from Dyersville, Iowa,would tell you that his two heart catheterizations were as different as night and day.

"After having the radial cath, I was dumbfounded by the difference," Jim described the ease, convenience and virtually painless experience he experienced with the procedure performed by Dr. Tauseef Khan at Finley Heart and Vascular Center. A previous heart catheterization performed as a femoral artery entry near the groin required him to lay prone on his back for nearly five hours, unable to eat, use the restroom or move. Jim compared the pain of the earlier process to "sewing up a football with no pain medication." In comparison, the radial cath - in which the radial vein near the wrist is accessed while the patient is sitting up - was a much different experience. "It was unbelievable," Jim said. "There was virtually no pain and no recovery downtime." Jim's wife Norma also voiced her appreciation of the heart catheterization performed by Dr. Khan. "It was so much easier for him to get around. I am so glad to have this service close at Finley in Dubuque, and not have to drive somewhere like Cedar Rapids."