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How UnityPoint as Home RN Case Manager Team contributes to our Organization and Community

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The Role our UnityPoint at Home Team Plays in the Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time.

Jenny Schueller, RN, UnityPoint at Home RN Case Manager, is one of our many team members that dedicate each day to providing the Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time.

How long have you been a part of UnityPoint Health - Dubuque?

I have been a member of the UnityPoint Health – Dubuque team for 11 years throughout different departments. I have been working specifically with UnityPoint at Home for 6 years now. 

Describe your role at UnityPoint Health - Dubuque.

As an RN Case Manager, one of my many roles centers on providing home care services for patients directly in their home setting.  Whether it comes in the form of skilled professional nursing care, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, home health aide, or social work services, our team provides personalized, coordinated health care for patients directly in the home setting. I also oversee our team of travel nurses, and work as a backup clinical supervisor if needed. 

What does a typical day look like for you?  

I typically visit around 4-6 patients per day, and provide care throughout a 45 mile radius of our campus.  

If someone was interested in this specific type of work in a health care facility, what would you tell them about Finley, and why it’s a great place to work?

The team at UnityPoint at Home feels more like family than coworkers.  The role you have at UnityPoint Health – Dubuque isn’t just a job; it’s a passion and promise to provide quality, coordinated care to members of our community.  To me, my coworkers feel like friends and family.  I truly enjoy what I do, and the am proud of the goals we carry out to place patients at the center of everything we do.  I genuinely enjoy connecting with our patients and learning more about them. 

In what ways does your role have an impact on our community?

My role, as well as my team members’ roles, with UnityPoint at Home has a direct impact on our community.  The work we do helps reduce hospitalizations and Emergency Department visits by proactively taking care of health care needs directly in the patient’s home. My team and I work to make sure that the patient isn’t just feeling comfortable with where they’re at, but also working with them to meet their goals of confident independent living. 

What does Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time mean to you? 

Providing the Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time means putting the patient at the center of care.  It means making sure that we meet our patient’s needs and do everything we can to provide them with exceptional care, so that they may regain control of their quality of life.  As a team, we always strive to make sure our patients’ outcomes are our focus at all times.  We understand the importance of providing a compassionate type of care, while maintaining a good connection with the patient so as to help meet those needs.

In what ways do you utilize UnityPoint Health’s FOCUS values (Foster Unity, Own the Moment, Champion Excellence, Seize Opportunities) into your everyday work?

I see our FOCUS values carried out each day as a member of the UnityPoint at Home team.  We foster unity in ways that make sure our patients remain at the center of everything we do.  Every day brings new opportunities for us to own the moment when coordinating care or remaining strong advocates for our patients.

Describe your favorite memory while working at UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital.

I have had many good memories while a member of the UnityPoint Health team. My most enjoyable memories are when I’m able to learn more about my patients and build relationships with them in ways that lead to best outcomes. 


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