Meet Maverick: A Finley Baby

Meet Maverick: A Finley Baby

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Our Name: Michael & Jordan Fullan
Baby’s Name: Maverick Michael Fullan
Weight/Length: 8lbs 3oz. 20 3/4"
Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Birth Date: 10/20/17 at 8:11PM

Favorite Nurse:
All of them! Each had their own unique style and we appreciated all of their support and caring nature. Our labor was a journey and each of them played a big role as we progressed until we finally delivered our little bundle of joy! Our labor lasted 24 hours and each time a nurse was done with their shift, we were a little disappointed to see them go, only to be greeted by another nurse that was amazing in their own way! Can’t say enough about them - Thank you to all!

What you liked most about your stay:
Seeing our little guy for the first time, of course! A close second was the support by all the staff!

Words of Wisdom:
Go into your labor with an open mind :) 

A story about your birth: 
Here’s our story captured on video

Photo credit Demasque Photography