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Beyond His Expectations: Dubuque Businessman Experiences Finley Heart Care Firsthand

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null"You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

Charlie Skemp didn’t think it was a heart attack. After all, heart attacks happen to other people, not to a healthy 56-year-old who eats right and works out regularly. Still, Skemp admits something didn’t seem quite right that morning in March 2015.

“At first it felt like indigestion,” he recalls. But during a business meeting, Skemp noticed increasing pain, sweating, and a tingling sensation in his left arm. He knew he needed to get to the hospital. “I didn’t think twice about where to go,” says Skemp. “I went to Finley.”

As a member of the Finley Health Foundation Board of Directors since 2011, Charlie Skemp knew a thing or two about the hospital’s cardiovascular services. But until that day, he had never experienced Finley heart care for himself.

“From the moment I walked in,” says Skemp, “the care was incredible, even beyond my expectations.” 

Immediately upon his arrival, ER personnel whisked Skemp into an exam room and hooked up an EKG to monitor his heart. Dr. Salaheldin Abusin explained the next step: a visit to the cardiac catheterization lab where stents could be inserted to open blocked arteries in a procedure known as angioplasty.

“Within minutes I was prepped and on the table,” recalls Skemp. He was anxious, but Amanda Simpson, RN, who stayed at his side through the procedure, relieved Skemp’s concerns. “Amanda was absolutely incredible and so reassuring,” he says. “She talked me through the process step by step. That woman deserves a gold medal.”

Every year, Finley Hospital helps hundreds of patients like Charlie Skemp on the road to better health. Today, the type of care he experienced has been enhanced by the opening of the Grandview addition, which puts life-saving heart, vascular and surgical services just steps away from the newly expanded Emergency Department. These state-of-the-art facilities support the high level of care physicians, nurses and the entire Finley team provide every day. 

“From Dr. Abusin and Dr. Tauseef Khan, director of cardiovascular services, to everyone on the staff, you see such attention to detail and genuine caring,” says Skemp. “I feel so proud to serve Finley. My experience as a patient reinforces my belief in the great work they do.”

Charlie Skemp adds, “I had the utmost confidence going to Finley. You can, too.”