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First-Time Parents Thankful for Supportive Staff in the Family Birthing Suites

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James Thomas Lange

On May 1, 2021 at 9:38 a.m., Cody Lange and Shelby Scales became first-time parents to James Thomas, after delivering at UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital. 

Throughout her birthing experience, Shelby was thankful for the unwavering support she received from staff in the Family Birthing Suites.

“I’ve had nothing but supportive staff the entire time,” Shelby said. “Every during delivery when I wanted to back off because it hurt, they were just a very good hype team.”

Early on in her stay, Shelby felt a unique bond with some of the nurses throughout the unit and by the end of their stay, it felt like she was interacting with old friends.

“I feel like even though I didn’t know any of the staff, I felt like I walked in and made friends with all of the nurses,” Shelby said. “I really didn’t expect to have that kind of personal touch. I had expected to be treated as just a person. But everyone I got into contact with, got to know me as a person and my significant other and my baby.”

Being a first-time mom, Shelby elected to participate in childbirth education classes prior to her delivery, and she learned a few helpful tips like how to push and when to breathe. 

As expected, Shelby had many questions once it was time to deliver and after her baby’s birth. When she needed questions answered or help with something, the staff was there for her to count on. 

“For a first-time mom, there was a lot of stuff I was not confident in,” Shelby said. “When I asked the doctors or nurses questions, they were always very helpful and informative. There was never a dumb question.”

Cody, as a first-time dad, also had a lot of questions when it came to caring for his son. Just like with Shelby, the staff was there to assist in any way they could. 

“I feel like I asked a lot of questions, but I haven’t had any experience with this before,” Cody said. “After James was born, it was my first time changing a diaper and swaddling. All of the nurses were just super helpful.”

Bringing a little one into the world may often seem like an overwhelming experience, which is why it’s important that moms also take care of themselves after delivering their baby. 

It was a reminder from staff that Shelby enjoyed. 

“They are very good about reminding you that you need to take care of yourself, as well,” Shelby said. “It was fine if the baby needed to go to the nursery, if I hadn’t gotten any sleep at all.” 

As new parents, many decisions need to be made during the time in the hospital, like getting an epidural, the baby’s name, picking a primary care provider and much more. 

One quality Shelby noticed about the staff was their willingness to listen to the patient’s wants and needs as a way to provide the best possible care for her and the baby.

“They never once made me feel like I was doing wrong,” Shelby said. “I was a person with wants and needs. I had a voice, and I never felt like it wasn’t listened to.” 

After being discharged from Finley Hospital, Cody and Shelby are looking forward to continuing their journey as new parents and taking James home. 

“I can’t wait to be home with my little man for sure,” Shelby said. “I have loved all of the staff here, and I can’t speak higher of the nurses. It will be great to be at home and start our new journey as a little family.”