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Focus on Forefront of Healthcare

At UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital, our vision of providing the best outcome for every patient, every time isn't a mere concept amongst our staff. It's a firm expectation; a belief system and constant standard here at our hospital. We pride ourselves on the ability to constantly keep the health of our community our number one priority, all while remaining on the forefront of health care. This can be seen in many ways throughout Finley Hospital - most recently in our recognition by Consumer Reports where out of 2,591 hospitals, Finley secured the fourth spot in a nationwide report of facilities rated for patient safety and respect. At Finley, we don't just take into consideration how our patients are cared for - we focus on on the ways we can continuously surround our patients with the best coordinated care possible; enabling them to sustain long and healthy lives. The completion of Finley's Grandview Expansion project in 2016, which will provide a new emergency department, heart and vascular center and surgery center for our community, will allow us to dramatically drive our vision of providing the best outcome for every patient even further. 

Heart and Vascular Center

It's evident that as our community grows, an increased need for cardiovascular care is essential. The Grandview Expansion Project will bring exciting improvements to Finley's Heart and Vascular Center (HVC). The HVC's new Cardiac Catheterization Lab Suite will be fully equipped with a large multi-purpose procedure room, a hybrid cardiac catheterization lab, two stress echo rooms, a stress/nuclear room, and three stationary recovery lounges with four patient holding rooms. Gym space and an education room will also be available in our Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab area, as well as eight exam rooms and three physician offices in our Cardiac clinic. These expanded services will keep patients close to home, while allowing Finley to stay innovative in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. 

Emergency Department

Finley's Emergency Department (ED) treats an average of 23,000 patients annually-roughly 63 patients per day. This fast paced department will see impressive upgrades upon the completion of the Grandview Expansion Project. Doubling it's current size - from 8,672 to 18,000 square feet - the enhanced ED will include a standardized layout equipped with sixteen exam rooms, a large waiting area, triage, radiographic, and CT rooms, as well as a two-bay ambulance garage. The newly constructed and relocated ED will result in efficiencies in access and treatment, as well as enhanced patient, family and medical staff safety. 

Babka Surgery Center

The Babka Surgery Center (BSC) - which has remained virtually unchanged since its opening in 1980 - will see remarkable improvements upon completion of the Grandview Expansion project. Designed with a newly efficient work flow layout, the BSC will contain eight enlarged operating room suites and three specialty surgical rooms. Twenty pre- and post-surgical rooms, as well as an enlarged family waiting area, and a post-anesthesia care unit will enable procedures to be scheduled more timely and at a convenience of patients. 

Finley's vision and priority has remained the same for 125 years - we don't expect anything less than providing the best outcome for every patient, every time they visit our hospital. The people of our community are the reasons why we stay at the forefront of medical excellence and coordinated care, which is why we're eager to utilize the services of our new expansion in 2016. The Grandview Expansion Project allows us to look forward to providing our community with the best coordinated care for the next 125 years to come.