Meet James Timothy "JT": A Finley Baby

Meet James Timothy "JT": A Finley Baby

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My name is Bobye Manning from Dubuque, Iowa. My husband and I have been married 3 1/2 years and decided we were ready to start a family. I felt prepared to have a baby because of my nieces and nephew but I wasn't prepared emotionally. Learning our baby was transverse we had 2 options--try a ECV or schedule a c-section. I had much anxiety about trying an ECV. Dr. Anderson took time out of his day to talk this over with me and together we decided a c-section was best. Dr. Anderson delivered our baby boy via c-section on 11/3/17. James Timothy "JT" Manning was 7 pounds 15 oz and 21 inches. My experience at UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital was exceedingly better than what I expected. What made it this way was the staff. My favorite nurse Barb went above and beyond every shift she cared for us. She not only did her job but constantly sought ways to help me as a new mom. She answered question after question, helped me research, consulted specialists to answer hard questions, and gave me a lot of positive reinforcement. She took much time out of her day to not only help me but to support me emotionally in conversation. I felt very important and cared for during my stay. I hope she will be there forever not only for my sake but for other moms too. Words of wisdom to new moms-- attend the classes available to prepare and ask a lot of questions during your stay.

If breastfeeding, there is an abundance of support from the breastfeeding support group to lactation consultants just a phone call away. Don't give up on your worst day. Thank you to Laura Knabel!

My husband and I are still amazed at the miracle of life every day when we look at our baby boy. Until next time... :)