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Meet Ruthie Marie: A Finley Baby

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Ruthie Marie Baby photo

My name is Alexis Rettenberger and we live in Sherrill, Iowa. My husband, Scott Mausser and I welcomed our first child, Ruthie Marie Mausser at Finley on March 22, 2018 at 1:14am. She weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 inches long.

I don’t even know where to begin with with our Finley experience. I say this because nothing about the birth of Ruthie was planned. I had cholestasis diagnosed during my 37th week of pregnancy so I was induced 3 weeks early at the hospital and my induction did not progress as we had hoped and Dr. Eckhart determined that my birth canal was too small to pass Ruthie so an emergency c-section was ordered after 18 hours of labor.

Even though nothing went according to “my birth plan”, everyone that came into my room made me feel at home and made sure I was comfortable and never let on that this was going to be a difficult time or procedure. I will forever be grateful to all the nurses that took care of Ruthie and I during our stay (Vicky, Amalia, Lisa, Nita, Karen, Cat, and the NICC student nurses especially the student nurse who helped me take my first shower after I gave birth!) The anesthesiologists, Mark and Kyle, were awesome too! Kyle made sure to put me at ease and explain what was happening during my c-section.

My overnight nurse Lisa was wonderful and helped me so much with breastfeeding and showed me how to bathe Ruthie at midnight one night! Lisa was so informative and loving towards Ruthie! Nita and Karen were wonderful also! I remember I was very emotional during my 2nd day and going home day that I would cry for no reason and these two nurses never made me feel stupid or weird for crying like that—they made sure to share their own stories with me regarding their births too to reassure me that it was completely normal—so did Lisa!

Not only were the nurses, doctors, student nurses, and anesthesiologists great, but even the housekeepers who came in and cleaned my room, were friendly and warm. They too shared their stories of birth and even pictures of their children! Mark, the man who delivered most of my meals was very friendly and respectful each time he entered my room!

I will always recommend Finley Birthing Suites to people as the only place to give birth—it truly was a home away from home for our family. It was a great place to start our journey with our newest little one!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all of the care, concern and help during my birth. 

Thank you,
Alexis Rettenberger and Ruthie Marie!