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Meet Hawthorne: A Finley Baby

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hawthorne baby photo

My name: Lindsey Moris

Baby's name: Hawthorne Amy Moris

Weight/length: 6 lbs. 8 oz., 19.5"

Birth date: November 9, 2017

Hometown: Dubuque, IA

Favorite provider or nurse: Midwife: Kathe Lehman, Nurse: Tammy

What I liked most about our stay: The attention and service that Tammy provided while we were in early labor and that she coached both me and my husband through active labor. 

Words of wisdom: Listen to your body and instincts as a mother, even if this is your first pregnancy.

Birth story: My water bag must have had a tear in it considering we thought it broke at 4:30am. Because I tested positive for Strep B and my previous pregnancy resulted in only a 5.5 hour labor, we went straight into the hospital to start on antibiotics. Because my water bag hadn't completely broke, we were given the option to go home and labor until the rest of my bag broke or remain at the hospital. We decided to stay considering we had to jump through some hoops to have a sitter for our 20 month old son. He was with his sitter and there he would stay until his sister was born. 12 hours of irregular contractions and 2 rounds of antibiotic later, my midwife broke the rest of my water bag at 4:30pm. Active labor started almost immediately. Without an epidural or any other pain medications, I was able to labor how I wished. I was able to walk and bounce (on the stability ball) for the next hour and a half until our daughter was born in a kneeling position.