Meet Graham: A Finley Baby

Meet Graham: A Finley Baby

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Name: Katie Herbst
Baby's Name: Graham Isenberg Herbst
Weight/length: 9 lbs, 11 oz / 22 inches long
Hometown: Peosta, IA
Birthdate: August 18th, 2017

Favorite Provider or Nurse: Honestly, I loved everyone that cared for myself and my baby-- each nurse was great. Tammy was a great labor coach--positive, calming, and encouraging. Laura kept me calm as I prepared for unplanned c-section. Tammy was very attentive as we adjusted to our newborn and answered all our questions and Amy K. was wonderful about teaching my husband and myself about newborn care-- we even got a bath tutorial that was very helpful!

What you liked most about your stay: I enjoyed the level of care we got. Every nurse was attentive and caring. They had great communication with each other at shift changes and I always felt like there was a seamless transition from one to the next. 

Words of Wisdom: Ask each nurse who cares for you her own breastfeeding tips-- everyone has their own little tidbit/tips/tricks that can really help get your milk supply up and help your baby latch.

A story about your birth care experience: I faced a lot of anxiety during this pregnancy and all the nurses knew it. They took special care to answer all my questions, keep me calm, and in good spirits. I felt that everyone was very compassionate and kind, from the nurses, to Dr. Leppellere, to Tony the anesthesiologist. Thrilled that I chose to deliver at Finley. A great experience all around.

Photo credit: The Locket Photography