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UnityPoint Health® - Finley Hospital Presents New Sunshine Circle Education Center

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In 2016, the families of Mary Riegler and Beth Hoefer, long-time UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital nurses, presented Finley with the Noelle Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator, in memory of their family members. Nicknamed “MaryBeth”, the simulator is a comprehensive tool that provides an accurate simulation of the complete birthing process.

“MaryBeth” has been recently joined by the Mega Code Kelly, a simulation mannequin. US Bank, in partnership with the Sunshine Circle, have donated this new piece of equipment that will help train the next generation of nurses. The simulator is a comprehensive tool that provides an accurate simulation of the human body with various health conditions. It features real-life training capabilities related to codes, blood reactions, post-op complications, and stroke training.

The simulators are housed in the new Sunshine Circle Education Center. The Sunshine Circle, a volunteer organization closely affiliated with Finley Hospital, made a donation to the Finley Health Foundation to support the development of a comprehensive education center. The center includes space for the simulators, a classroom and learning lab area.

Barb Potts, Executive Director of Finley Health Foundation, thanked donors for their gifts, speaking to the significance of these educational tools. “Through these state-of-the-art educational technologies, staff members will be more prepared for situations, leading to better outcomes for our patients,” explained Potts.

Along with the Finley Health Foundation, the Education Department at Finley Hospital is thrilled to continue to provide our team with opportunities for training in order to stay on the cutting-edge of health care needs.