Meet Darwin: A Finley Baby

Meet Darwin: A Finley Baby

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This is the story of the birth of Darwin Glenn Oclon for Unity Point Health at Finley Hospital.

The story begins the night before and wee hours of the morning Darwin was born. It was the day of the parade and fireworks in Bellevue. We had family visiting from out of town for a cookout, and Darwin's second cousins were guessing at how much he weighed, the little ones tried imagining that there was a baby in my tummy. Joe, Darwin's Daddy, played the violin for almost an hour before the fireworks show and I played the part of groupie, swaying and clapping. At Dad's house for the fireworks, who would be Darwin's Grandpa, I felt Darwin jump in my belly when the sound of the show reached us. So Dad grabbed two couch pillows for me to cover my stomach, and the baby calmed down. 
That night after all the activities, at one am the morning of Darwin's birthday, I began to feel sharp pains every half hour. I didn't recognize them as contractions by how they were described in our birthing class. So, I lay in bed feeling them intensify in strength until four am, and I texted my Aunt Mary, the nurse, of changes I'd noticed. By four-forty five when I couldn't wait any longer, I called the on-call Dubuque OBGYN. The doctor asked me to describe what was happening and I had a contraction while on the phone. Joe described what was going on, and Dr. Page calmly said to get ready and come in. By five am, as I waited for my Mom to bring her Jeep around, I felt the urge to push. I thought I have to breathe! For the drive to the hospital, as we followed Darwin's Daddy, my Mom counted contractions at every two to five minutes apart. 
I signed in and got wheeled quickly to the birthing suites. I waited for a contraction to stop so I could get onto their delivery bed from the wheelchair.  Nurse Laura checked me and she said, "this girl is ready to deliver now!" Then the next contraction started and I had the urge to push again, Laura said "okay, go ahead", and the water broke like a water balloon. Four pushes and seventeen minutes after arriving to the hospital, Darwin Glenn was born at 6:07am July third. He was eight pounds and one ounce and twenty inches long. 
The following two nights at the hospital, we were supported by fantastic and stellar staff who were each passionate about their jobs. They each brought some different piece of helpful information to guide us into our parenting experience. We want to thank nurse Laura for catching Darwin as he flew into this world!

Nurse Lisa helped us on our first overnight and she was extremely helpful and passionate about supporting Mom and baby, we love Lisa.

Also great thanks to nurse Bridget who was there for us in the postpartum class before Darwin was born, at his birth, and will be available afterwards. 
Joe and I didn't think we could conceive due to past maternal cancer experience, and so Darwin is the greatest miracle in our lives. (The miracle delivery suite suited us perfectly) My favorite moment, besides Darwin, was when one nurse said to me that I "was born to make babies, and next time I should camp out at the hospital because we almost had Darwin in the parking lot!" 
A few last words of wisdom for future Moms are to listen to your body, and be prepared to move quickly! -Sincerely Jessica Oclon