Meet Laikyn: A Finley Baby

Meet Laikyn: A Finley Baby

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My name is Shannon Cottrell and my husband is Ben Cottrell. On December 7th, 2016 we welcomed our second child, a sweet baby boy Laikyn Cottrell into the world at UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital. He weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. We delivered in our hometown of Dubuque, Iowa.

While we were staying in the hospital we had an incredible experience. Throughout my labor and delivery I had Lori as my nurse and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her! She is such a sweetheart and was always there for anything I needed. My labor went much faster than we thought and throughout the chaos we still had time to crack jokes, laugh and smile. The minute I was ready to deliver she rushed to get the doctors and they were in my room in a flash. Lori was great at refreshing my memory with the process of everything and she answered every question I had. She is truly one I will never forget! 

I also had a resident named Abby join in on my delivery and she was incredible. I loved everything about her and would love to see her in the future! 

I loved every nurse I had; they were all amazing. They took wonderful care of us and I had a lot of trust in them with our newborn. I know he got extra spoiled with all of their snuggles! I also had a photographer in the room with us and I loved how supportive everyone was that she was there to capture our special moments. The overnight nurses I had were so wonderful about letting me get some rest; they were the sweetest! All of the nurses I had were just genuinely all around nice people and I couldn't have asked for better care. 

The thing I liked most about my stay (besides how amazing everyone treated me) was how the nurses did their job but at the same time gave me the space I needed. They weren't constantly in our room - they were there when they needed to be or when I asked them for something. We were really able to enjoy our visitors and have a good amount of alone time with our new addition. 

I also loved how supportive, helpful and calming all of the nurses were about breastfeeding. They really helped me through those first couple of days but also gave me the space I needed. I just remember one of the nurses telling me that she would be there to provide as much or as little help I needed. It made me feel so comfortable knowing that I wasn't being pushed or pressured; I was able to try it on my own and ask for help when I needed it. It was so bittersweet leaving the hospital because of how incredible the nursing staff was to me! 

My advice to new moms would be to always send your newborn to the nursery at night, even if it is only for a couple hours. Get all the rest you can and know that your baby is in great hands and is getting all the snuggles they deserve! We look forward to baby #3 with your wonderful staff!

Thank You!
Shannon Cottrell