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Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa Fitzjerrels

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Why do you choose to volunteer at UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital?

I volunteer because I find it incredibly satisfying acting in a way that is important to me. I love giving back and helping other people. Finley is just a great place for me to be able to do those things. I have had 2 children at Finley, it's where my family has come for surgeries, emergencies, etc. I was sitting in the surgical waiting room once with my son having some outpatient surgery and as I watched the volunteer there, I thought, I would love to do something like that. I contacted Jolene and the rest is history. I am also a member of Sunshine Circle.

What is your most memorable volunteer experience at Finley?

It is really difficult to pinpoint one specific experience. I have worked several locations in the hospital and then in the gift shop when I'm doing my time as a member of the Sunshine Circle. I really like helping people find their way around the hospital especially with the changes and renovations. I also love taking up an OB patient up to their room as they are admitted to have a baby. I feel very lucky to be a part of the gift shop as well. My time working in the shop makes me feel very satisfied and it gives me the satisfaction I used to get when I worked full time.

What do you find most rewarding about your volunteer assignment?

My time working in the shop makes me feel very satisfied and it gives me the same feeling of reward when I used to work full time. I feel like I'm still an asset to those around me and I leave feeling like I've accomplished so much. I also really like working at the front desk. There is always something new to learn there and a different scenario to help a person in a different way. Making the patients feel more comfortable and less nervous about the reason they are at Finley makes me feel like I'm doing the job correctly.

Who or what motivates you to volunteer?

I'm motivated to volunteer because I feel very blessed that I am able to have the time to help others. I want to teach my family and my children that giving back to the community and others is just the right thing to do. It's such a great satisfaction to know you have done a good thing and I guess leaving a mark on the world that way is a great feeling.

What do you do outside of volunteering at Finley (career, hobbies, interests, etc?)

I have been a "stay at home" Mom for about the last 15 years or so. During those years, I have enjoyed being very involved at my children's schools which were Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Senior. I am a permanent substitute teacher at Dubuque Montessori School. I enjoy traveling with my family, working outdoors, going for walks, and being with my friends and family as much as I can.