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Meet Grayson: A Finley Baby

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Grayson Tyler Gatena was born at UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital on November 25, 2019.

My name: Crystal Gatena
My baby's name: Grayson Tyler Gatena
Weight/Length: 9.44 lbs, 21 inches
Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Birthdate: November 25, 2019

My favorite providers were Dr. Witthoeft and Dr. Eckhart.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall my favorite nurse's name, because of my long stay and the variety of people I met. It was the nurse that discharged me on the evening of Thanksgiving. She was a very caring nurse! She doesn't only hear, but she listens. When I left, she made sure I had everything I needed, including multiple follow-ups with numbers and medicine resolutions.

What I liked most about my stay were the people, especially the employees.

Words of wisdom during labor: "This too shall pass."