Meet Jaxon: A Finley Baby

Meet Jaxon: A Finley Baby

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Jaxon Schalk 8 pounds 7 ounces 21 inches long born August 22,2017 @ 2:17pm, Dubuque IA

Everyone was truly wonderful to me during my stay. Due to a low lying placenta I had to have a c section and was downright terrified. All staff who were there were very reassuring and supportive in helping keep me calm. I really couldn't pick a favorite provider or nurse but I must say Barb was amazing! She was the one who prepped me for surgery and was there the whole time. While my husband rubbed my face and neck, she held my hand the entire  time. The first time I was able to get up and walk she even massaged my super tense shoulders for me! Jenni also stands out in my mind too because she helped me with my first shower post op which was wonderful!!
I lost a lot of blood during surgery and my hemoglobin went down to 6 and BP was 40/60s and I had to get two different blood transfusions. I can't even remember who all was involved with that but everyone was truly great to us! 
And of course Dr Amy Ewen is hands down the best doctor I've ever had!! 

I would say how great everyone was is what I liked most about my stay. I really felt like my comfort and getting rest and baby's wellbeing was everyone's main goal.

I got my tubes tied at the time of c section but if I were having anymore I would definitely go back to Finley! Also the suite beginnings program is you a trip to the doctor your first couple days home.